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New game coming soon!

2011-08-26 14:46:41 by HiJackiNG

Hey Newgrounds! Just going to give you a heads-up on my new
game that I'm making now, Mr.Click! Now I know that sounds a bit dumb,
but it IS my first game. So that's all I got....

Anyway, I just got Flash last night (The one NG offers) and about a quarter
done, so keep a look out for the new game!

Wait, what?

2011-08-16 11:34:23 by HiJackiNG

I just realized something about Clock Day....

How come people like objects with clocks?

Happy Clock Day!

2011-08-15 12:48:32 by HiJackiNG

This pretty much my first Clock Day (because I'm new, duh) so I
am pretty happy for Clock Day 2011!

Sometimes, I just say to my self: "Y U NO FINISH?" The answer?

I'm pretty lazy. But no panics! I almost finished one (but barely)

So hold on and wait!

Breaks from art (NOT..really...DELAYS)

Updating Status...

2011-08-09 11:53:15 by HiJackiNG

Working on some art pics right now, hope it will turn out great!

No delays or suchhh.... XP


2011-08-08 22:41:39 by HiJackiNG

Basically, I'm pretty much a newbie. BUT...

I might make some games and music...and such